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American Friends of Nishmat Board of Directors

  • Sharon Liberman Mintz President
  • Binyamin RiederTreasurer
  • Wendy Greenbaum Vice President
  • Chavie Kahn Secretary
Nicole Schreiber Agus
Etta Brandman
Julia Baruch
Susan F. Charendoff
Stephen M. Flatow
Adina Fredman
Rose Gerszberg
Felix Glaubach
Miriam Herlinger Glaubach
Karen Heilig
Ari Herman
Michael G. Jesselson
Constance Kadish
Tamar Kahane
Rabbi Haskel Lookstein
Matthew J. Maryles
Linda Goldenberg Mayman
Nicole Kavana
Rochelle Stern Major
Francine Mermelstein
Jeanie Schottenstein
Sandy Seligsohn
Lisa Septimus
Liora Stein
Robyn Tsesarsky
Judy Tuchman
Rachel Weiss
Roselyn Weitzner

Yoatzot Halacha Chair
Giti Bendheim

Executive Director
Harriet Sherman Schimel
President Emerita

NISHMAT International Board of Governors

Jeanie Schottenstein, President
Wendy Greenbaum, Chair
Amy Book
Yonat Floersheim
Miriam Herlinger Glaubach
Ariela K. Gugenheim
Linda Jesselson
Chavie Kahn
Evelyn Katz
Sarena Koschitzky
Tamar Koschitzky
Bia Kryss
Dina Kryss
Hadassah Lieberman
Sharon Liberman Mintz
Anne Neuberger
Careena Parker
Gabrielle Propp
Rachel Sapoznik
Harriet Sherman Schimel
Maura Shaykin
Debby Spinner
Judy Tuchman
Judith Weiss
About Us

Jerusalem's NISHMAT is world Jewry’s resource for educating a new generation of confident, creative Jewish leaders, scholars and professionals. Students develop a lifelong passion for Torah study, integrating their university education with religious faith and practice. Nishmat’s 100 Yoatzot Halacha, women certified as Advisors in Jewish Law, practice in Israel, the U.S. and beyond, enriching quality of life and mitzvah observance for Jewish women, their families and communities. Yoatzot have handled some 300,000 questions since they were first certified in 1999. Nishmat’s Alisa Flatow International Program welcomes students from across the globe, from beginners to advanced, sharing a deep commitment to Torah, Zionism, Israel and the Jewish people. Americans on gap-year benefit from a diversity of faculty and students and an environment that encourages questions. Nishmat’s program for Ethiopian Israelis provides them with skills and confidence to pursue college education. With a 98% success rate, some 300 of these young women have become teachers, attorneys, social workers and more.

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NISHMAT. Not just an institution, but a vision.

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520 Eighth Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018
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Executive Director
Harriet Sherman Schimel

Office Manager
Shevi Bacharach